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My Experience

I am a systemic and family psychotherapist, often known as a family therapist. I have worked with children, families, couples and individuals with a range of complex presenting problems for the over 17 years.


My experience includes working as a social worker in Australia and the UK; working with children and families in CAMHs (NHS) and with children and families in special needs schools, particularly those who have experienced adversity within the education system and/or have been at risk of school exclusion.


Many of these children have had diagnoses such as ADHD and ASD and/or have displayed behaviour which has been found to be challenging by the education system and family.


Other presenting problems I have worked with are: anxiety and stress, school refusal, relationship difficulties, self-harming behaviors, depression, eating related problems and changes to the family structure through family life cycle events. 

As a person who is also part of a family, I understand the complexities it can bring. My personal and professional experience led me to wanting to support families to navigate some of the more difficult conversations within a safe space; to understand the similarities and differences between them and to explore values and beliefs which inform their ways of relating, helping them to find new ways of communicating and promote positive change.


I work with integrity and honesty, treating people with dignity and respect. My approach is to warmly honour a person’s story whilst creating enough challenge to provide possibility for change.

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