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Therapy Sessions

Sessions can be held online (Zoom) and in person, in the family home or alternatively at an appropriate local venue (to be confirmed upon inquiry).

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Having worked with families and couples virtually throughout the pandemic, the benefits of doing so have become increasingly apparent. Allowing family members to meet from different locations; cutting down on travel time and costs and enabling more far-reaching family members to come together to connect in a safe space have all been benefits of meeting virtually.

Image by Natalya Zaritskaya

In Person

For some people, meeting face to face feels more comfortable and helps people to build a trusting relationship. If this feels the right way for you and your family/partner, we will speak on the phone first to establish whether meeting in my privately hired room, meeting at your home, or in another space (this can even be outside) is most appropriate.

How we will work together

  • We will start by arranging a time to meet either online or face to face.

  • Our first session will be an opportunity for me to understand what has brought you to family therapy and to explore your goals and hopes for the work.

  • During this session we will think about how often we meet and who you might invite to come with you.

  • Sessions are 1-hour long and are normally held once a fortnight.

  • Therapy might be a few sessions or longer-term; we will decide this together.

I am bound by the ethical code of AFT and UKCP and am covered by professional indemnity insurance. I also receive regular supervision from a registered systemic psychotherapist supervisor.

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